After a parched and dry summer that left many wondering if the chirping critters had gone extinct, these resilient insects are making a return.

Do you remember back in May in June when a plague of crickets was bearing down upon us day and night?

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I do. A few of those rascals got into my ceiling and chirped all night, every night.



Cricket Gossip

These little troublemakers go by the fancy scientific name "gryllus assimilis." If you didn't know, they're usually hanging out in the southern parts of the good ol' United States, probably sipping sweet tea and discussing the latest cricket gossip.

Mating Season

Apparently, late August and early September are like Cricket Spring Break. They're in the mood for love, and their life cycle says it's time to get busy. So, they're out there, swarming in clusters, hoping to find their cricket soulmate. It's like a romantic comedy, but with more chirping.

And here's the kicker: after their little rendezvous, female crickets drop at least 100 eggs, because why not make things more complicated? These eggs chill through winter, hatch in spring, and munch away in the fall. Then, the whole circus starts over again.

According to a study at Texas A&M, these crickets throw the biggest parties in August and September. That's when Mother Nature decides to break up her summer drought with a bit of rain and cooler weather. So, if you've been noticing these crickets doing the cha-cha outside your home, blame the weather, because clearly, they have impeccable timing.

Stopping the Onslaught

But don't worry, dear readers, pest control experts are riding to the rescue! Scott Morrow, the owner of BMI Pest Management, is probably getting calls from panicky folks who never signed up for the Cricket Olympics in their living rooms. These critters are crafty, finding their way into every nook and cranny, like they've got an invite to your Netflix marathon.

To fend off this cricket crisis, Scott has some sage advice. Seal those cracks, because crickets are basically tiny escape artists. Turn down the lights, both indoors and outdoors, because apparently, crickets are party animals and can't resist a good glow stick. And if things get really out of hand, call in the exterminators, because when crickets party, they party hard.

Now, here's the twist: these crickets are harmless, despite their unruly behavior. So, instead of going all Rambo on them, Dr. Erlandson suggests catching them and setting them free. It's like cricket rehab – they get a second chance at love, and you get your home back, cricket-free. Win-win!

Check out the video for yourself below:




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