The Electric Reliability Council Of Texas is going to have to have some answers for what happened last week throughout the state of Texas.

Many Texans were left out in the cold during some of the most frigid temperatures of their lifetime. Many folks were blaming their electric companies, but it looks like ERCOT was to blame if you lost power for hours or even days for some folks. One of those families was over in Conroe, Texas.

The Pineda family sadly lost their 11-year-old son  Christian to what they believe was hypothermia. An official cause of death has not been revealed. A carbon monoxide test on the residence came back negative. The Pineda family claims their mobile home got to as low as ten degrees when their power was off for days.

The family huddled together in an effort to stay warm, with Cristian’s mother and stepfather were with the family’s baby and Cristian was with his little brother. Cristian was found the next morning unconscious, the report said.

The family of Cristian Pineda is suing ERCOT and Entergy for gross negligence. They're accusing them of failing to warn people of a hazard, providing inaccurate and incomplete advice and information to customers and participating in and contributing to acts that caused the incident.

We will have to wait and see what the official cause of death is for 11-year-old Christian is after an autopsy is conducted. A story I did last week from an energy expert says Texas' electrical grid would eventually fail. He says these companies have no incentive to prepare a backup plan in case something happens like an arctic blast like this. You can read more about that here.

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