Gonna call it now, that second date ain't coming anytime soon.

Tony Buzbee is a pretty prominent lawyer in the Houston area and recently went on a date with Lindy Layman. The two went out for some drinks and they eventually ended up at Buzbee's home. Buzbee thought she got a little too drunk and decided to call her a ride home.

Layman didn't want to go and decided to hide in Buzbee's home. A second ride was called and this Uber driver got yelled at by Layman. He got off easy compared to what she did next. Layman then went into Buzbee's home and allegedly poured red wine over his paintings. She also pushed over some sculptures on the property.

Buzbee had some nice artwork, including an original Andy Warhol. The damage is estimated to be around $300,000. Lindy Layman was charged with criminal mischief and posted a $30,000 bond.

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