Guess what? It does!

To all the people reading this. Please do not stick your tongue to a metal pole in the winter. Yes it will stick just like in 'A Christmas Story' or 'Dumb and Dumber'. I guess people think this is some Hollywood lie, but YES it will stick I promise you. You're probably thinking about doing it right now?

Well, McKailah Ellisor was curious and got her tongue stuck to the pole. “I’m a fun spirited girl that wanted to embrace the cold weather. I love living life to the fullest and making memories with my friends. I thought it would be hilarious to get my tongue stuck like in the movies," she said. "We were not prepared for the consequences, but it was a fun experience and definitely worth the laughs.”


Geez McKailah no one even triple dog dared you to do it and you just went at it. I can't share the photos on our sites cause McKailah made her Instagram private (BOO you McKailah). You can see the photos in the link here of McKailah stuck and the after photo of the red marks on her tongue.

I know we have a lot of people trying winter activities the past few days. Please don't injure yourself with your tongues or doing something stupid like going out onto Lake Wichita. Yes, we have heard reports of people going out there. Please don't be stupid and hurt yourself this snowstorm.

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