We do not job shame during a pandemic. You do what you have to do skeletons.

I've said it once and I'll say it again. NEVER LIVE IN A HOA NEIGHBORHOOD. I'll be damned what someone can tell me to do to my house. I can't believe people live in neighborhoods where you need approval to paint your house a new color or decide to plant different flowers. Also what decorations you can put up in your neighborhood. I have seen some HOA contracts state no colored lights at Christmas, only white.

Why you would ever want to deal with an HOA is beyond my comprehension. Over in Richmond, Texas, Angela Nava is currently in a disagreement with her HOA over her Halloween display. It features skeletons wearing wigs on stripper poles. I would have a good laugh every day I drove by this, but the HOA has no humor. According to them the decorations are 'offensively positioned'. It's a skeleton, calm down HOA Karen.

She got a letter this past Sunday saying she had thirty days to remove the decorations. Since Halloween is Saturday, she's going to keep them up until then. Hell I would find some giant turkeys and put them on the polls in time for Thanksgiving. Get the most out of those thirty days and get all the offensive positions in there.

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