Guess we need new signs. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Work.

Over in Pearland, Texas this past Monday a customer was shocked to see what his Jack in the Box employee was wearing. Actually, what she was not wearing. The drive-thru attendant was not wearing any shoes. He noticed this after she walked away with his debit card. He quickly took out his phone and snapped a picture when she was not looking.

The man filed a complaint with Jack in the Box corporate and they released the following statement. Employees are required to wear slip-resistant, closed-toed shoes to promote workplace safety. As this concern was brought to our attention, we are addressing this matter locally with the restaurant team in Pearland. This particular restaurant is located at 1521 Broadway Street in Pearland.

I've worked in a kitchen before and I know how gross those floors get. Especially in the area near the deep fryer. No way I would ever work barefoot in one of those kitchens.

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