A Texas lawyer is accusing his daughter's school of not properly punishing students who racially harassed her. 

Civil rights attorney Robert Ranco's 12-year-old African-American daughter attends Tippit Middle School in Georgetown, TX, where other students reportedly harassed her with racists comments starting in March. First, a girl followed Ranco's daughter with a piece of trash, using it as a whip while saying, "You're my slave now!" Two months later, after a boy moved away from Ranco's daughter saying he doesn't sit next to apes, the same girl looked up pictures of apes on her phone and kept showing them to Ranco's daughter, saying "That's what you look like!". Also in March, the daughter informed teachers about a student who caused an incident during lunch. When the boy was approached about it, he said, "You’re not really going to take the word of a black person over the word of a white person, are you?"

When Ranco brought the incidents to the attention of the school's principal, he asked that the offending students not be allowed to participate in that weekend's athletic competition as punishment, but the principal declined the suggestion. The school district investigated the matter and issued a report confirming that the incidents did occur and the students were dealt with and received "re-teaching",

All substantiated misbehavior by the involved students was addressed and consequences were assessed in accordance with our Georgetown I.S.D. Student Code of Conduct and with our campus restorative justice approach to discipline management.

As reported by My Statesman, Ranco believes that the school district is not taking the situation seriously by not suspending the students and refusing to even call it "bullying",

It makes me feel like the school district is sweeping this under the rug. Georgetown ISD has had a least a few suicides in the last five years resulting from bullying. … I don’t have that concern for my daughter, but I’m sure other parents didn’t think their kids were suicidal, either.

According to the school district's report, the boy who made the "take the word of a black person" statement ultimately apologized to Ranco's daughter. However, the mother of the girl who pretended to whip his daughter and showed her pictures of apes has refused Ranco's requests to meet with him.

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