What is pee-shaming? Let's travel down to Austin to check this weird story out. 

New Texas Longhorns head football coach Tom Herman takes hydration very seriously. In fact, we should all be taking it seriously. Maybe not as serious as Tom. Above all the toilets in the Longhorns football facility is something called the 'Longhorn Football Hydration Chart'.

We all know, the lighter the color in our pee. The more hydrated we are. The white area is what he calls the 'championship level'. It goes down to 'selfish teammate' and all the way down to 'bad guy'. According to Orange Bloods writer Anwar Richardson, Tom Herman has gone as far to test players urine and call them out on their hydration levels in front of everyone.

I just want to know what that green level Area 51 is. Are you sending me to an alien facility in Nevada? These are the questions we the people need answered.

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