Getting engaged is pretty nerve wracking. How about you make your girlfriend a little nervous before hand as well?

Over in Austin this past Saturday, Mason Pitts is a recreational pilot and he had his girlfriend Allie Bond on a small plane taking in the sights. They were going from Austin to Spicewood, which is only a 45 minute drive. Mason convinced Allie to go on the plane because he said he wanted to take her parents on the plane. Apparently they had never let Mason fly them.

The real reason for the plane is because Mason wanted to do this proposal. He admits he stole the idea from YouTube, but he wanted to do it as well when he saw the video in 2015. He told Allie he was getting a engine failure light and needed her to pull out the checklist for what to do in that situation. Starts out normal enough, but then the checklist gets personnel.

Things like, 'Confirm co-pilots left hand is ready for engagement?" At this point Allie knew what was going on. Mason pulls out a ring and Allie can't believe it's happening. Friends and family were waiting for the newly engaged couple on the runway. Very sweet video, but also a good test to see if your future wife can handle being a copilot. Good job Allie and best of luck to the future couple.

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