Finally, a place to get my pits dyed.

You can probably guess where this place is in Texas. Austin of course, 'Keep Austin Wierd' is their catchphrase. Doesn't get much weirder than pink and green armpits. Ladies, if you want armpit hair, go nuts. I hope the future of pit hair is not weird colored hair.

Cute Nail Studio is located at 1211 East Seventh Street and they offer the standard beauty treatments. Lashes, microblading, and waxing are some you see at every beauty place. They even do tooth gems and cosmetic tattoos. Those two are not everywhere, but I have heard of them. Armpit dying is new to me.

They say they can do any color and even a rainbow design. So if your pits feel a little boring head on down to Austin and a little color to your life.

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