A mobile bar that I help push around the lake? Sounds interesting.

Want to get drunk and exercise at the same time? Look no further than the brand new Pedal Barge in Austin, Texas. Swing your group of up to twelve people on by to explore some of Austin's great waterways. You literally pedal the boat yourselves, but if you get tired they do have a motor on board.

The owner says if you have at least a group of three, you can get this thing moving. They have eight pedal stations and an additional four seats near the front of the pontoon. This looks pretty sweet and your average ride lasts just over two hours, but you can pay for more time.

You can get more info on their website. Seems like a cool thing to go try if you have a big group of people in Austin. I'm never gonna turn down a beer with friends and I won't feel too bad since I am also getting a workout in.

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