Remember the joy of turning 16 and getting your first driver's license? It may not have been such a thrill for your parents as they were seeing their little boy or girl growing up.

It's also a major life event for all involved with increased insurance, worrying about accidents, and all sorts of other things. Recent statistics show that motor vehicle accidents are the 2nd leading cause of death for people between 16 and 19 years old, and in 2018 accidents involving 15- to 19-year-olds resulted in $4.8 billion in costs ranging from medical expenses to work loss.

So it's good to know that according to a new WalletHub study Texas ranks in the top ten Best States for Teen Drivers. To make their determination they took into consideration things like safety, economic environment, and driving laws.

The Safety category found Texas in 15th place and looked at teen driver fatalities, miles travelled per capita, and several other aspects of motor travel.

Texas placed 9th in Economic Environment which took into account things like the cost of tickets, insurance rate increases, and cost of car repairs.

And we placed 21st in the nation for Driving Laws which looked at driver education programs, texting while driving regulations, and even leniency toward DUI incidents.

When all of the scores were evaluated the overall top ten Best States for Teen Drivers looks like this.

1 - New York

2 - Oregon

3 - Connecticut

4- Alaska

5 - Massachusetts

6 - Michigan

7 - Minnesota

8 - Texas

9 - Maryland

10 - New Jersey

lisafx / ThinkStock
lisafx / ThinkStock

On the other end of the spectrum, here are the Worst States for Teen Drivers.

41 - South Carolina

42 - New Hampshire

43 - Arkansas

44 - Nebraska

45 - Mississippi

46 - Missouri

47 - Montana

48 - South Dakota

49 - Idaho

50 Wyoming

You can see the full list and sort it by the various categories on the WalletHub website here.

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