Yes, you read that headline correctly.

Texans have a lot of pride in a lot of different things. So, of course, some Texans would want to send something from our state into space, just in case some aliens want a taste of our culture. Honestly, Texas queso could unite the universe and let the aliens know we're pretty cool.

A SpaceX Falcon rocket was launched back in February and is expected to land on the moon this afternoon around 3 pm. It looks like the person aboard the rocket is Israeli lander, Beresheet. They're going to attempt to eat the queso in zero gravity later today. The restaurant that provided the queso is an Austin one named Kerbey Lane.

To mark the occasion, Kerbey Lane is will be giving away free queso and commemorative T-shirts with the purchase of an entrée at its eight locations all day today. Austin mayor Steve Adler also sent up a letter. He proposes a deal to the alien lifeforms: unlimited queso (chips not included), your own band, free entrance to Barton Springs and a free dog. Enclosed with the letter is a copy of the original, authentic and never-before-published Kerbey Lane queso recipe.

So come on aliens, if you're out there and want some free food today. We're ready to meet on the moon. Nobody can turn down free queso.

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