Everybody and I do mean everybody, should be really excited if this happens.

You may remember the Atlanta Falcons when they opened their new stadium made a deal with their fans. If they have 60% of season tickets sold for the season, they will have discounted prices at the concession stands. The Falcons kept their word and rolled out a very reasonably priced food menu. Like $2 hot dogs, $3 for a slice of pizza, or $2 for a pretzel.

Compare that to other stadiums and those three items would easily cost you over twenty bucks. Other teams are taking notice to the Falcons plan, one of them being the Texas Rangers. Nothing is set in stone yet, but Rangers management is considering trying something similar to what the Falcons did.

The Rangers already announced that the stadium will not have public seat licenses which season ticket holders will love. If you want to guarantee your seats every year you have to buy one of those at most stadiums. I know at AT&T stadium, sitting on the fifty-yard line in the lower bowl will run you $50,000 per seat.

Don't get too excited, the prices are going up for those tickets. Some fans who were charged $60 per seat in the current stadium are being told that same seat will be $200 in the new stadium. A lot of people are not happy right now, so cheaper food may sway some people to the new stadium.

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