Hell naw, to the naw naw naw!

We have probably all had this irrational fear while sitting on the toilet. Something could just climb up that pipe and bite you right on the butt. What are the odds of that actually happening? I think we're all hoping it's very low, but one family in Buffalo Gap, Texas (just outside of Abilene) were shocked to find a nice rattler crawling up the toilet.

The snake was discovered when a little boy went to use the bathroom. I would never be able to go to the bathroom in peace again if I looked down and saw that.

According to Big Country Snake Removal's Facebook post, the snake slithered up an opening in a relief pipe, which was later sealed.

Big Country Snake Removal decided to do an inspection of the house and found TWENTY THREE MORE western diamondback rattlesnakes living under the property. Hell no, time to move. I am huge coward when it comes to snakes. I would never be able to sleep sound again knowing that many snakes was under my house at one time.

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