This better be made out of Tyrannosaurus Rex meat.

Who doesn't love a good fajita? When they come out out of the kitchen of the restaurant, everyone pays attention. It's one of the few foods that you can actually hear coming. We have found the most expensive fajitas, at least the most expensive I have ever seen in my life.

Over in Houston, they have Guard and Grace Steakhouse. It just opened this past week and a lot of people are talking about the millionaire fajitas. I say talking because not a lot of people can afford it. This one menu item will cost you $400. Ingredients include “24 oz w black wagyu ribeye, oak charred peppers and onions, black garlic huitlacoche steak sauce, guacamole, green chile enchiladas, refried beans, rice, gold flake tortillas.”

It also takes almost an hour for them to prepare it. The restaurant’s owner and chef, Troy Guard, said the fajitas are “worth every penny.” If I ever hit the super ridiculous Power ball lottery jackpot, I will go try these things. Until then, I'm not spending that much money on one meal.

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