Don't mess with Texas or our fajitas.

Well, the verdict has come down in a story we were keeping an eye on from 2017. You may remember back in October, fifty-three-year-old  Gilberto Escamilla got busted stealing over one million dollars worth of fajitas. He was ordering the meat on the Texas Juvenile Department of Justice's dime. He was in charge of ordering the food for the cafeteria. He would order a ton of extra and then sell it on the side for pure profit.

Apparently, he had been getting away with this for years. The ONLY reason he got busted was because the delivery for that week showed up on his day off. The person in charge of inventory filling in noticed 800 pounds of fajita meat that was not being served by the Department.

An investigation began and they found Gilberto Escamilla had several of these fajita meat boxes in his residence that he was allegedly selling to local restaurants. He had allegedly been doing this little scheme for almost nine years.

Gilberto Escamilla plead guilty this past Friday for theft by a public servant. He will be spending fifty years in a nearby Brownsville, Texas prison.

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