You always have to keep an eye on the little ones, cause in a second they can be into something they're not supposed to.

Lexi Kendall has a 2-year-old daughter, Ava. Little Ava plucked nine pellet-sized silver magnets off of her fridge, similar to the now-banned toy called Buckyballs, and ate them.

Lexi had no idea how seriously ill mini magnets can make kids. Lexi first realized there was something wrong when Ava “started clutching her stomach, screaming in pain” for no apparent reason, the Houston mom told KHOU.

So Lexi took Ava to a walk-in clinic where the staff told her that the child had a stomach flu. A scan at the Texas Children's Hospital would reveal the magnets. Lexi knew immediately that the objects where part of a gift her husband had gotten from Sweden. It was sitting on top of his desk.

Magnets can be extremely dangerous when ingested. Magnets will try to connect to each other, even through skin, which caused several holes in Ava's intestines.

Following a four-hour surgery to repair Ava’s internal damage and battle infection, Lexi revealed, “The doctors were saying she probably wouldn’t have made it 24 hours.” Ava did make it out of surgery, but is still fighting to live.

Lexi Kendall now wants to get the word out about the danger of this product that they didn’t even know was banned. Although the toy was brought from Sweden by her father, similar products are now banned in the U.S. by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

A GoFundMe page has been started to help with Ava's medical bills. Keep on fighting Ava, you got this.