Who knew that hand sanitizer could be so dangerous?  Well apparently, it can be extremely flammable.  Last Thursday, motorists off of I-20 in Dallas saw quite a spectacle when the Speed Max Truck Stop alongside the freeway went up in flames after a few boxes of hand sanitizer caught on fire.

Early Thursday morning around 5:15 AM, Dallas Fire & Rescue responded to a call of a two-alarm structure fire taking place at the Speed Max Truck Stop at 8445 South Lancaster Road.  This particular truck stop is right off of Interstate 20 in the southern part of Dallas County.  Once first responders arrived on the scene, they not only saw that the truck stop was on fire, but they found several boxes of hand sanitizer engulfed in flames.

While firefighters were quickly able to contain the structure fire at the truck stop, the high winds in the area blew embers into a nearby grass field.  These embers caused another blaze that the firemen had to extinguish.  Fortunately, the firemen on scene were able to quickly put out the grass fire that was started by the high winds.

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At the time of this writing, fire officials are still investigating the root cause of the blaze.  It is currently unknown how the boxes of hand sanitizer caught on fire, and whether the fire was intentionally set or not.  Even though the size of the blaze required a second alarm response, it was quickly extinguished.  Thankfully, no one was burned or injured during the fire at the Speed Max Truck Stop.

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