How in the hell did this win? In no poll ever should this win. Except for worst tasting candy for your state.

Who doesn't love enjoying some snacks at the movies? Popcorn, candy and soda are a classic combo while enjoying a flick. I know some of you sneak in your candy to the movie theatre, but we're not here to discuss that. I saw this map on Twitter over the weekend and was flabbergasted with the results. It has to be fake, right?

It comes to us from Lights, Camera, Barstool. The favorite movie candy by state. They say they conducted it using social media and Wal-mart/Target sales. Look at all these terrible candy options, but especially TEXAS. Black licorice, I literally don't know a single person that thinks that is the best candy. I know some people that do enjoy it, but they do not think it is the best.

Oklahoma, you're not much better. Rasinets, really? You know what my chocolate was always missing? Raisins were always the missing piece to that puzzle. I would rather eat Rasinets than black licorice though. In case you were wondering what I thought should have won. Milk Duds with butter from the popcorn machine on top of them. The ultimate movie theater candy for sure.


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