Who's ready for some deep-fried mouse?

Alright, if you're someone that is easily grossed out, you may not want to watch this video. It comes from Bastrop, Texas which is just east of Austin. This past Sunday Brushawn Lewis spotted a mouse running around the food prep area of the kitchen. He took out his phone and filmed the incident.

Some dude decided to take it upon himself to try to solve this situation and I feel he made it worse. You can hear him say, 'Can I just pick it up?' So he and this woman decided to go behind the counter and try to catch the mouse. Then mouse then decided that life wasn't worth living anymore and jumped in the fryer. That girl is solely to blame for that one.

Whataburger put the following comment on the Facebook video. "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. At Whataburger, cleanliness and food safety are top priorities for us. In this instance, we closed the restaurant out of an abundance of caution and notified pest control. The entire restaurant has since been cleaned and sanitized. We addressed this situation as quickly as possible, reinforcing procedures with our Family Members. While we’ll continue to be very diligent, it’s important to know there was no history of this type incident at this unit and there is no ongoing issue. A member of our team would like to reach out and address any concerns. Can you please share your contact information with us?"

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