A courageous woman from Texas recently survived a spine-chilling encounter with a tire tread that pierced through her windshield.

Get ready, everyone! Here's an exciting story for you. Imagine Jenny Pearson, a courageous fighter, setting out on a risky adventure with her young daughter to summer camp country. But there's a twist: danger lurks nearby, waiting to pounce.

Dun dun dun!

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As Jenny drives, a car in front of her decides to do some fancy maneuvering, unexpectedly hitting a tire tread lying on the road.


So Scary

As fate would have it, this mischievous tire tread, tired of its stationary existence, launches itself through Jenny's windshield.

Lucky Break

Don't worry, readers, our main character and her daughter come out of this scary situation with some minor injuries but overall okay. They gather themselves and find a way out. And guess who comes to their rescue? Caleb Smalling, the hero who owns Big Boys Auto Glass. What a stroke of luck!

Holy Trinity

In a flash, Caleb figures out the precise windshield Jenny requires and hurries to get it from his conveniently close-by home. But Caleb's kindness goes beyond that, folks. He comes back bearing the essentials of kindness: the windshield, cold drinks, and Band-Aids. Who needs a superhero when Caleb Smalling, the windshield expert, is around? Cue the uplifting tunes!

Good Deed Doer

Get ready for the big finish, where Caleb, the guardian angel, kindly refuses payment. Why, you wonder? Well, he's been chatting with God while fixing windshields, no less! Payment via Venmo? Nope. He's feeling spiritually fulfilled and trusts in doing good deeds. Watch the video to see for yourself.


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