How on earth did you get away with that much stuff? Plus, everything is on sale at Ross.

We all know how much of a bargain you can score at Ross Dress for Less stores. However, nothing beats free. This lady decided to do the old five-finger discount on SEVERAL items. Last night around 9 pm, a woman in Houston walked into Ross to go shopping. She would stuff items into plastic bags and then go take them to her car without paying.

She actually did this process several times. Employees eventually caught on and confronted the woman. She said she would pay for the items. She lied, she threw down what was in her hands and bolted for her car. She drove off and police were called. A chase ensued when she refused to pull over.

Luck was on the officer's side this day. The woman would eventually go down a dead end street and she had nowhere to go. Officers actually had to physically pull her out of her car. According to authorities, the woman had over $2,000 worth of stolen merchandise in her vehicle. There were no injuries reported during the incident. She was charged with felony theft.

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