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On Thursday, May 22, I was looking forward to watching the newest "X-Men" movie on opening night. That was until I learned that it was showing at the local mall theater.

Frustrated, I asked the Wichita Falls public's opinion on this cinema venue. The response was overwhelming. With almost 5,000 page views and nearly 2,000 votes cast, Wichita Falls spoke LOUD and CLEAR - something needs to be done with Sikes Senter 10 theaters.

The article was a jumping point for Texoma residents that have wanted to voice their opinion for years. The post was easily in the top ten of most engaging stories that has ever been featured on Newstalk 1290. The results are as follows:

  • 55.95% (1,081 votes) - Remodel it to be on par with modern theaters.
  • 38.04% (735 votes) - Close it and open more modern cinema outside of the mall.
  • 3.11% (60 votes) - Ignore it and never go there again.
  • 2.33% (45 votes) - Other: LEAVE A COMMENT! (click here and here to read comments)
  • 0.57% (11 votes) - Nothing! I LOVE the mall movies! (just kidding, nobody loves that place)

As you can see, Wichita Falls craves a cinema. The top response was for a simple remodel to bring the theater up to par.

Like I promised to do, I have voiced OUR opinion to the Carmike Cinemas corporate office in Columbus, GA. I have just finished typing and sending a letter to the West Division Manager of Carmike Cinemas. When I get a response, I will share it with you in another follow up. Click here to see the letter sent to Carmike Cinemas.