Get ready to have your mind blown, because the biggest player in the iconic TV show Dallas might not be who you've always thought!

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Forget about the Ewings and their oil-soaked drama, one of the biggest stars in the world was once a lowly guest shown off in the video below with a clip recently posted by RetroNewsNow.

Let's break down the video and find out who this rascal is.

After the Dallas title screen runs, the clip opens with a couple coming home and giving each other a flirty little hug.



Come on, tell us who it is already!

The camera then cuts to a couple of young adults at the top of the stairs engaging in their own flirty tomfoolery.    


Finally, I thought you'd never get to it!

Who is that handsome devil skipping around with that pretty young lady?


Mr. Fight Club himself, the one and only William Bradley Pitt. That's right, On December 11, 1987, Brad Pitt made his first appearance on ‘Dallas’.

Check out the video below:

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