Ross Marquand may be the king of impressions; especially really really short ones.

In this new video for Vanity Fair, Ross shows off his nano-impressions and they are hilarious. From a few seconds of Aaron Paul smelling something, to Justin Timberlake waving at a friend, he totally nails the character in just a few seconds.

Here's the full list of impressions in this video:

Justin Timberlake thinks a wave is for him
Al Pacino misses a straw with his mouth
George Clooney tries to get a word in
Antonio Banderas forgets his password
Kevin Spacey walks into the wrong table read
Jason Statham gets a charlie horse
Harrison Ford loses a sneeze
Michael Caine tries to open a jar for someone
James Gandolfini tries to get a hair out of his mouth
Christian Bale tries to decline a call and accidentally answers
Matthew McConaughey applies the 5 second rule
Liam Neeson deals with an automated voice system
Aaron Paul recognizes a smell
Brad Pitt forgets what he’s about to say
Marlon Brando describes gravity
John C Reilly uses a word he’s 70% sure what it means
Christopher Walken realizes he’s on the jumbotron