No city in Texas is safe from this guy.

So have you ever seen those fake don't visit Wichita Falls videos? This one lady on YouTube does these and I HATE THEM with a passion. It's crap like you're gonna hate Wichita Falls because the food is too good or the people are too friendly. Nah, if you're gonna make a hate video, give me a real HATE video. Thank you to Ralph Johnson or @ralphthecomedian on Tik Tok for a real hate video.

He has a series currently going of cities you don't want to visit in Texas. In part 5, it is Wichita Falls turn in the hot seat. Amarillo and Abilene kick off the video and then it's us. Nothing is safe in our city from Ralph. The mall, world's littlest skyscraper, and our abandoned buildings all get talked about. Nothing gets more heat than the Falls.

Yes, the Falls in Wichita Falls gets absolutely torn up. Even Uncle Luke from 2 Live Crew gets a shout out, which wow that brought back some memories with that reference. No joke, yesterday when I drove by the Falls, they literally looked the possible worst they could look.

He's not joking when he says it looks like the lake Augustus falls into in Willy Wonka. Yesterday the Falls looked like literal s*** was coming down them. So shout out to Ralph, go give him a follow on Tik Tok and hopefully you can take a joke. If not, probably just want to ignore all of this.

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