Kids are incredibly good at stalling when you're trying to put them to bed.

A new survey by Netflix found the average kid manages to get 19 minutes and 18 seconds of more time after their parents start trying to put them to bed. That's almost two full minutes more than the average kid in other countries.

66% of kids in the U.S. use stalling methods to stay awake longer, versus 61% of kids elsewhere. Here are their top seven techniques:

  1. Negotiating to stay up longer, which kills time in the process.
  2. Saying they're SO hungry or thirsty.
  3. Flattering you.
  4. Moving as slowly as possible.
  5. Trying to trick you into letting them stay up.
  6. Pretending they forgot it's time to go to bed
  7. Getting naked in protest.

But then again, if you're a parent, you knew all that already.