Radio Tower in Texas Collapses in Heart-Stopping Moment!

Check out the crazy video at the bottom of this article.

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A super-tall radio tower in La Fiera, Texas collapsed because its safety cables failed. Look at the picture below. Once that thing started to fall, there was no stopping it. BAM! It came crashing down with a huge noise.


Safety First

But why did it fall? The cables that were supposed to keep it standing didn’t do their job. It’s a big reminder of how important safety rules are, especially regarding stuff like this.

 Another Fallen Tower

The tower at the radio station where this article is originating fell last year due to some crazy-strong straight-line winds. Take a look at the 102.3 The Bull tower below:

Townsquare Media/Eric Ryan
Townsquare Media/Eric Ryan

I bet you think straight-line winds couldn't do that much damage. Take a look at some footage from that night below and tell me if you still think that.

No Injuries or Death

So, when you watch this video, remember to always be careful and follow the rules. You never know what might happen, so it’s best to stay safe and pay attention to what’s going on around you. Luckily, no one was injured and no one died when this one fell.

Check out the video below:


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