Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird … It’s a plane … It’s a … What the heck IS that thing?

Have you ever looked up into the sky and seen something that defied explanation? If so, you’re not alone. There have been thousands of sightings around the world, and several right here in Wichita Falls, Texas.

I even saw one with my own eyes back in the summer of nineteen something or other. A listener had called me to ask what was in the sky over her house, I could see it from the studio parking lot and it didn’t look like anything I’d ever seen before. As I recall it seemed to be saucer-shaped and had multi-color lights flashing on and off in random patters. It hovered over the Northwest part of Wichita Falls for a good twenty minutes before taking off like a rocket to the Southwest.

When I called Sheppard Air Force Base to ask if they could see it the people in the control tower said they had nothing in the air that evening and there were no returns on their radar to indicate civilian aircraft. It never made a sound and it didn’t behave like any rotary or fixed wing aircraft I’ve ever heard of. That’s my UFO story and I’m stickin’ to it.

From the National UFO Reporting CenterTexas UFO Sightings and NewsTalk 1290, here is the list of 28 reported UFO sightings in Wichita Falls since 1989.

Was out taking pics of a plane flying around with a banner....on the last pic I noticed something over too of the plane...I enlarged that area and have never saw anything like this. . click to see photo.

I was standing in the early morning hours of 0614 central time I-44 and Bacon Switch rd. in Wichita Falls, Texas. I was at the rear of my trailer, and looking up at the sky. I saw an object about 1/2 mile away triangle shaped, one light on each point, grey metallic in color. I estimate it to be about 800 ft off the surface and travelling at a speed of around 3500 mph from east to west in the night. Condititons were very clear and dark with many stars in the back ground. Lights appeared to be blueish white, and very low intensity. Total time visible about 2 to 3 seconds.

A Sunday one week before the Preside (sic. Perseid) Meteor Shower about 11:30PM I was walking out of the main house to my bedroom apartment where I sleep, I notice a peculiar object that resembled Meteor low in the sky around 1,200 feet in altitude and 1.5 mile away, traveling North, I saw as it passed through the partial obscured trees in the background an object the size of late model VW beetle. This object which I thought was an meteor was emitting a trail-com of dark smoke above and white smoke below. As the object traveled rather slow around 50 MPH I saw an...continue reading

Leaving Wichita Falls on 82 and saw a large, bright green ball streak across the sky along my left side so incredibly fast it could not be anything I have knowledge of. Too fast to be a plane. Seemed so large that it had to be in our atmosphere and not a comet or shooting star. It left a green tail of light that was smokey in appearance as if it was on fire but it could have just been behind some clouds. Couldn't tell because it was too dark, but it had been cloudy that day.

My husband and I were on our back patio at our home located in the south part of the city. We saw – twice – a “largish” object with bright red and green lights silently going up and down very quickly, then hovering for a bit. It went down so quickly the first time my husband was waiting for an explosion that never came. I told my husband that it could possible be a helicopter doing night flights. He said it couldn’t be because helicopters don’t move down that fast – he use to jump out of them and I completely trust his knowledge. I don’t know what it was, but I have never seen anything like it.

My friend and I were walking down Southwest Parkway near Rosemont Cemetery. I was star-gazing when I saw what at first appeared to be a helicopter flying through the sky. I believed it to be a helicopter because the UFO was composed of white lights angled downward like a helicopter with it's nose slightly tipped as if it were flying forward instead of up. Additionally, it was seemingly flying at an altitude typical of helicopters. At this point in time I point out the object to my friend who also began to observe it. The object moved through the...continue reading

Reports of a strange, silvery flying object just north of Wichita Falls. The sightings have occurred between Daniels Road in Burkburnett and PPG on I-44. Those who’ve seen the object said it moves slowly but steadily and no noise could be detected. The object is said to not look like a typical aircraft.  One witness described it as ‘egg-shaped’.

I went outside to smoke a cigarette. To to nort I noticed numerous reddish orange lights. Most were moving from East to West. They seemed to be fading as they moved across the sky. The last few to fade moved North and faded into the distance. They made no noise. They did not blink or have anlivedy other color. There areare two more witnesses. Tried to capture on video but a streetlight blinded the image. The movement was like a leisurely stroll. They were coming from the vicinity of the air base. I've lived here for 41 years and have not seen any Military aircraft move is this manner.

A small pulse orange orb in the North East skies, it lasted 1.5 seconds

At 9:30pm something told me to look out my front door, and and there it was coming from the west a brilliant yellow orange orb, gliding across the night sky veiwed for around 2 to 3 minutes by two I Witnesses Camera was on ready "Panasonic SDR-H85,Hybrid SDXC 78X EOZ 33mm Wide with advanced o.i.s camcorder. Even tho with all this, I was unable to tap. Or in the viewfinder. but I recorded anyway for the timestamp. we watched it until we couldn't see it anymore, no sound at all, all around 15,000 feet.

Maybe a second or two on can. A light around the size of a 16 inch rims,as big around as the tires on my truck, a travel northwest to southeast visible for about 10 to15 seconds with the naked eye, I caught a second or 2 of it on cam before just vanished.

Western sky about 10 degress above horizon or 1,000 to 2,000 feet above ground. Object was very bright light, mimics Venus but much brighter. 30 minutes stationary, platform, very bright light, hovering 1 or 3 miles West of my location. It very slowly lost altitude and brightness and dropped below the treeline from my venue after 30 minutes. Could have been science project from the City View High School. However, I witnessed this 4 nights out of the last 10 or 12 days in the exact same location during clear skies...continue reading

My husband and I were driving West on Southwest Parkway in Wichita Falls, TX on 4/2/11 around 8 PM when I noticed what looked like an airplane flying at an unusually high altitude. I didn't think much of it until I noticed that it had no visible wings and didn't appear to be moving. I know when you fly in the same direction as a plane it can appear that it isn't moving, but after we made a few turns, we realized it wasn't moving like a plane. It left no contrail, and it was a perfectly clear, dry Spring day at dusk...continue reading

I went outside, July 16, 4am in the morning, to let my dogs out, and happened to look up and saw a somewhat bird shaped ufo flying away from me, southeast towards Dallas. It was making absolutely no noise and looked like it was about the size of a medium sized aircraft. The aircraft had white markings on it and was dark looking, or else it was clear and I was seeing through it....It had only two lights on the back of the aircraft, and when it sensed me looking at it, it flew upwards into the clouds and dissappeared...continue reading

I had just arrived home from attending an event. For some reason I decided to pet my dogs, which were barking inside the gates of the backyard. As I was petting them I noticed a light or large star in the Eastern Sky.. As I continued to observe the white light, it moved from side to side vertically and horizontally, very rapidly , and then it turned into two flying vehicles. At first, all I could see was the "V" shape on the front where lights were outlining the front of the vehicles, which was flying downward at a 45 degree angle. My first thought was...continue reading

I was driving on highway 287 at 11:45pm and saw a bright pink light in the sky far to the north. It zoomed closer and stopped. Several cars on both sides of the highway stopped and watched this light. It sat there for a couple of minutes and then flew to the south. It stopped for a couple of seconds and then rapidly flew away.

I was sitting at a stoplight when suddenly I felt a vibration like sensation and I felt static electricity all over my body so I look around my car first but saw nothing so I looked out the window and saw (I don't quite know how to decribe this)a liquid like object hovering above my car. It appeared as though I could see through it.It looked like heat radiating off hot pavement. I felt as though I had just been scanned or something,after that it very quickly moved off to the east then the light turned green and I (scared to death) hurried home and told my wife what had happend and she found this site and thought I should report it. Thank you.

The lights of the street shone bright but I could still see the stars, what a starry night tonight. There is an airport near by and often I see the flashing colors of the Cessna and Pipers coming in for a landing as I throw away the trash at night. Occasionally the Jets may be doing a late practice here by the Air Force base. Tonight was different, there was a solid light that didn't flicker at all in the east near the moon tonight. This light on this veichle was larger than normal compared to the distance I thought. So I continued to look...continue reading

It was about 11pm on a saturday night in november. I live on the second floor of a two story appartment. I had to smoke a cigarette, so I went to the balcony. It was november in texas, so the wind was blowing pretty hard. My balcony faces a large open area where the appartment swimming pool is located. As I was lighting my cigarette, I noticed something coming from over the building on my right. It was only about three or four feet wide and rectangular, almost a perfect square. It had a dull red appearance....continue reading.

The ufo looked like a falling star at first, but was moving slower, then it changed direction towards the sky,then dissapered from sight.It flashed red, blue,and green.

I was on my back patio @5:30 am cdt when I noticed an object that appeared to be a star to the north.Soon I noticed this object was moving in a South/Southeast direction over the city of Wichita Falls.It appeared to eminate a white light that totally covered the craft displaying it's Chevron shape.I watched it @ 2 minutes and it got very close with the shape well defined when I went to awaken my husband.When we returned it had moved into or over a large cloud that was moving over our area from the south.Both my husband and I witnessed flashing...continue reading.

I was walking my dogs when on the horizon I observed, what I thought was a star. The objects were pulsating and circling each other. I thought maybe they were distant aircraft. The objects moved very quickly towards my position about a mile away, and continued to "dance" around each other. The objects, after several minutes, then one by one shot off from each other in different directions

It was on August 10 2002 at a camp on a Boy Scout Campout. Me and my friend were staying up all night just to look at the stars. We saw a light that look like a plane but we kept looking at it coming toward us. As it came flying above us it had no sound an it was flying low. It was going slow too. It look like a clear circle with lights a round it. It had one light that changed colors. The colors were blue,white,red, and yellow. This thing kept going and we just stood there watching it until it vanished. The surroundings were in the woods near a river called the Red River.

I was outside in my front yard stargazing as I often do. It was a very clear night southerly breeze. Looking up I saw a rod shaped object it was white, about 4 foot long and 6 inches around. It was approx. 15 foot over my head. It barely cleared the roof of my house.It was moving from north to south opposite the wind. I'm a very scientific minded person.This the second time in last few months I have seen unusual things.I guess fact is stranger than fiction. The [thing] made no sound and had no lights it was just very bright white and perfectly formed.p.s. I'm an amateur astronomer.

I'm writing in reguards to a sighting by my husband and myself. At approx. 3;20 am saturday morning july 28 2001. In our backyard we were watching the delta aquarids meter shower, suddenly my husband yelled "What the **** is that ***** do you see that!I looked to the north where he was looking. I saw approx. 15 to 20 white triangles just over the roof of our home. they were in a trianglur formation. At first you could only see the side and part of the top of these things then they sort of banked our direction and you could see the...continue reading

A bright green light appeared low on the horizon. Made a arc movement from the northern horizon up about 15 degrees and went down over the tops of neighboring houses. Holding my fist at arms length it was about half the size of my fist. It disappeared and never came back. I am in the US airforce and have never seen any aircraft move like this. I believe it was a meteor but it was awful low on the horizon.

green light that made immpossible movement and then darted away. I was at tech school for the air force doing weapon armament, we had just finished class for the day and where heading back to the dorms. all of a sudden the red rope said "What is that" the entire flight looked up and saw a light green light come from the west (and as a rough guess this is vital for the next bit of imformation)=(it looked to be about 35000-45000 feet up and it was a clear day no clouds and almost time for sundown but the sky was stil a bright blue...continue reading

While sitting in my back yard, facing due west, reading a book, I looked up and slightly to the left I saw a light grayish silver object. It was the size of a 25 cent piece at arms length. It was round like the quarter, flat bottom, rounded edges, thickness was about 1/4th the length of the object. Movement was slow and wavering. It was moving due east directly over Sheppard AFB. I live six blocks from the Sheppard Missle Road North entrance gate. There was no noise, no trail, or other characteristics. The neighborhood and base noises were lacking. I looked away and blinked my eyes in disbelief. Looked again but the object was gone.

And don't forget the Archer City UFO incident in 2010 caught on an infrared game camera. Lisa Brock-Piekarski was checking out the images captured by her hunting camera at her ranch in Archer City when she noticed something hovering in the night sky she couldn't explain. See the images in the video below.

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