Oof, we're not sure your insurance company has a policy for spaceship debris.

Imagine if the person who owns this van in the video at the bottom of this article is a huge space nerd.  These launches are his favorite thing in the whole world.

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He used vacation time to take off from work.  He drove all the way from Fargo, ND.  He found the absolute perfect place to park. Then, not only does the Starship explode right after launch, but the debris from the launch also destroys his car!

That's not what happened at all

This guy let us in on the gag. NASA owns the van and apparently, this footage is from the "Danger Cam."


Cool view

This Tweet has a really cool image showing exactly where the van is parked during the launch.

Still cool or not?

So yeah, not as heart-wrenching as the scenario we made up, but at least no one's property got damaged.  Well it did, but that was on purpose.  Hey a happy ending! Check out the video for yourself below and keep scrolling for the best comments from Twitter.


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