Cowboys fans and Redskins fans agreeing on something. What alternate reality are we in right now?

If you grew up a Cowboys fan, you know what teams you're supposed to hate. The Giants, Redskins, and the Eagles. These teams and fans hate each other with a passion. On Sunday morning, the Redskins tweeted out a letter to their fanbase saying it is ok not to wear green on Sunday. After all, wouldn't want to look like an Eagles fan.

They also reached out to the Cowboys and Giants fanbase in the letter as well. The Cowboys actually responded in a tweet by saying, 'May be the only time we see eye to eye, but we agree! #CowboysNation keep wearing your blue & silver! #StPatricksDay'. Nice to see these teams coming together for once and if it's to hate on the Eagles, I am all for it.

However, you could just wear the Saint Patrick's Day Cowboys gear and you wouldn't get confused as an Eagles fan. Then again I would never get confused for being an Eagles' fan because I don't do moronic things like eat literal horse s***.

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