I've heard screams that could clear rooms, but I've never heard a scream that could extinguish a candle. Until now.

It's not clear whether this was filmed in those pre-pandemic halcion days when nobody thought twice about blowing out candles in public or if this is just another instance of someone going completely stir crazy because of the lockdown. Either way, here is a video of an otherwise normal looking woman who has a talent.

She can literally scream a candle into submission.

As you can see, the single wick candles bow to her command immediately while that double wick candle stands its ground for three full screams.

Not sure what they did, but it appears the candles have the last laugh (and get the final scream) when she steps back and smacks her head into the low hanging chandelier.

Wait just a minute. Are those actual candles in that chandelier?

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