If you're a Texan, you're probably no stranger to pecan trees.

These majestic trees are a staple in the state's agriculture, providing delicious pecans for pies and other treats. But did you know that one pecan tree in Texas is doing something truly unique? It's making soap when it rains! The owners posted video evidence in the video at the bottom of this article.

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So, how exactly does this happen? Well, according to experts, it's all thanks to a combination of factors. First of all, the tree's leaves and bark contain a high level of saponins, which are natural compounds that have soap-like properties. When rainwater interacts with these saponins, it creates a bubbly, soapy substance that can be collected and used for a variety of purposes.


Make a buck or two

So I wonder if they can use the soap for personal hygiene and cleaning purposes. They could start selling the soap as a unique souvenir for visitors to the area!

A harmless quirk of nature

I'm not convinced that the soap tree is a good thing. I worry that the soapy substance could be harmful to the tree's ecosystem or that it could attract unwanted pests. However, most experts agree that the soap tree is harmless and that it's simply a fascinating example of nature's quirks.

Check out the video for yourself:


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