Can it be? Have we all been brushing our teeth wrong? That's what one man is saying. And most of his recommendations are backed up by dental professionals.

According to a story in the Mirror, the man explained the proper four step process on how to brush our teeth to his wife, who posted it on TikTok.

First, rinse your mouth with mouthwash. What? We thought that was the FINAL step! The reason he says to do this first is because if you do it last it rinses away the flouride in the toothpaste and we want that to stay on our teeth for cavity protection. Doing it first helps kill off germs and bacteria.

Second, floss. Most of us are probably already doing that before we brush and that's the recommendation here.

Step three is when you finally get to the actual point of brushing your teeth. The reason for doing this after you floss is so that any food particles trapped between your teeth will be freed by the flossing, then taken care of completely when you brush. There are correct and incorrect ways of doing this, too.

Step four is after after brushing. The man said you can rinse with a flouride or whitening rinse, but not a typical alcohol based mouthwash as that would wash away the flouride in the toothpaste. Some dental experts even recommended not rinsing at all after brushing with toothpaste.

Now, I know what you're thinking. What if I get into the Space Force and have to brush my teeth in zero gravity? Well, thanks to Chris Hadfield on the International Space Station there's a video for that, too.

Ultimately, I think the most important take away here is that we all need to brush our teeth twice a day and if you do have any questions, ask your dentist. He's probably got a better handle on things than some random person on TikTok.

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