I guess it's mostly the political world, but I do see it trickle down all the time and I do not understand why anyone in Texas has a problem with California.

I understand Texans hating Oklahoma, that's a football thing. I get it. I just don't know why California is used as some kind of hell that people deserve if they're not from Texas. I visited California this past year and I went to badass beaches, a couple of theme parks and had some of the most amazing Mexican food I've ever had in my life. I also stopped at a drug store in the "bad part" of one town and the people inside were just as sweet to me as a southern lady serving up biscuits.

Right now California is experiencing devastating wildfires and the lack of compassion is amazing. Imagine if Texas had tornadoes continuously for a month straight, chances are you still wouldn't have the devastation that California is experiencing now.

I guess I need to remind everyone that California is in the United States Of America. Those are OUR people. They make the movies we watch, the orange juice we drink and write the software for the games we play. You have been misled into believing the state is some kind of disaster or wasteland because most of it looks just like your neighborhood, but greener. The absolute worst assumption you can make is that the people are "soft". You have to work really, really hard to make it in California because, like anywhere else, coastal property is expensive.

Hey, you don't have to love them. You just have to stand by them and understand they're going through a tough time.  They're Americans and their reality is only 1000 miles away from being our reality.

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