Back in December, someone vandalized two broadcast towers in Wichita Falls. One of them actually collapsed to the ground bringing with it all of the broadcast equipment that was attached to it. One of those antennas was for the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather transmitter that covers the Wichita Falls area.

The National Weather Service has found a different tower to use until the original is replaced, but they're operating at a lower power and altitude so their coverage area is somewhat diminished.

While the National Weather Service out of Norman, Oklahoma, will continue to generate forecasts and potential severe weather warning for our area your weather radio may not be able to receive the messages.

With that in mind the City of Wichita Falls is encouraging everyone to sign up for CodeRed Weather Warnings on their mobile phones.

CodeRed is a free service provided to residents of Wichita Falls and the rest of Wichita County. When a severe weather warning is issued for our area the message will come in the form of a phone alert with voice message.

I've had this system on my phone for years and found it to be very helpful when storms arise late at night or when I'm busy with something else and not paying enough attention to what's going on with the weather.

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From high winds and hail to heavy rains and flooding, even tornadoes, North Texas sees its share of severe weather each year and this spring's storm season will be on us before you know it. The National Weather Service encourages everyone to have at least three ways to be alerted to hazardous weather, the CodeRED alert, along with local radio and television together can help keep you and your family safe. You can download the free CodeRed Mobile Alert from this link or find it in your phone's app store.

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