Let's go back to the best decade (mainly for the fact I was a kid during it). The 90's!

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^Ugh Chuck E. Cheese has sadly updated to these new dance floors in their locations and it brought me so much joy that Wichita Falls had one of the last ones in the country. Yeah, the robots scared some kids. However, hearing those things sing songs while I ate pepperoni pizza was a big part of my childhood.

What Did Chuck E. Cheese Look Like in the 90's in Wichita Falls?

Looks like on January 17th, 1993 someone in Wichita Falls got an epic Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. Back then, all the robots were working to their full potential. I remember before Munch's Make Believe Band was taken out of our Wichita Falls location, the Chuck E. Cheese robot was not doing too well. The rest of the band though, still playing the hits.

Do Any Robot Bands Still Exist?

Sadly, they're all going away. According to reports, they will be out of all locations by 2027. The world was shocked to learn that the robot bands still run on floppy disks. Yes, in the year 2023, Chuck E. Cheese still sends floppy disks to every store that has the band to update the music a few times a year. Chuck E. Cheese may be one of the few companies still using floppy disk technology. As I always say, if it works, it works.
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