Since finishing the Circle Trail is one of the bond items on the May 5th ballot, this Saturday would be a great time to check it out.

That’s because this Saturday is Circle Trail Tour Day, the perfect time to explore the 14 continuous miles of paved trail from Lake Wichita Park to Lucy Park. You can jump onto the trail at any point and walk, run or bicycle your way from Cheer Stop to Cheer Stop, you can even take your dog along! While you can start at any location on the trail, the best thing would probably be to start at Lucy Park. There, you’ll get a Circle Trail passport which can be stamped at each stop. Most of the Cheer Stops will have prizes to register for and if your passport is stamped at all 14 stops you could even win a Grand Prize!

Eventually the Circle Trail will encompass the entire city and there are only a few miles left to be paved, that’s what’s on the ballot. If we finish the Circle Trail now, we qualify for a large amount of outside funding. If we finish the Circle Trail later we’ll probably have to foot the entire bill ourselves. The Circle Trail is open to the public any time during daylight hours and is used for organized running events as well as individuals.

Dave Diamond
Dave Diamond

Cheer Stops will be available between 10 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. this Saturday so get out and enjoy the trail!

When you go, be sure to check out the new Ralph Stearns mural on the spillway!

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