11-year-old Ashlynn Grimes was in the center of a debate after last year's Hotter'N Hell Hundred event, but she is geared up once again to help out. 

You may remember last year a photo went viral of some water bottles that littered the roadway here in Texoma. People were wanting to know where these bottles came from since the Hotter N' Hell organizers do not hand out bottles like this. Turns out it was Ashlynn Grimes who sets up outside her house with cases of water for the riders.

She has been doing it for years and she always cleans up the bottles afterward. Someone just happened to snap a photo before the cleanup. Ashlynn has geared up once again and is going to make sure a photo like that doesn't happen again. In years past, Ashlynn would actually use her own allowance money to buy the water.

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When Burkburnett lawyer, Steven Booker saw all the negative attention Ashlynn got last year from just trying to help out. He decided to help her buy the water for this year's race.

"Well, I heard what Ashlynn did last year and how hard it is out there to make sure the riders in the Hotter ‘N Hell have water and making sure they are hydrated,” Booker told KAUZ. “So I thought, just donate it and let her do her thing.”

Ashlynn said the plan this year is to use a four wheeler with a trailer to make the trash easier to pick up. She doesn't want another photo like last years going viral. Crazy Water out of Mineral Wells is also donating waters to the cause and someone also donated custom shirts for Ashlynn. That way Ashlynn and her family have their own uniform of sorts for the big race.

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