It's amazing to see stories like this, especially here in Wichita Falls. 

22-year-old Andy Albertson's weight loss journey is going viral. In almost one week, he has over 200,000 views on his video. Andy reached a peak of 317 pounds and in January 2015 he turned his life around. That is when he started going to the gym and making sure he made it a habit.

From January to May that year, he lost an amazing sixty pounds. Andy was putting that work in. Doing eight to ten miles a day on the treadmill and elliptical. Andy kind of hit a wall at one point. He was working out, but his body was adjusting to doing the same workout every day. So he wasn't really losing anymore weight.

That is when Andy got together with trainer Jerry Hughes. He got Andy on a new workout regiment, meal plan and motivation even outside of the gym. After putting in the work, Andy now weighs 146 pounds. He looks like a totally new person and he looks like he is loving it.

You can follow Andy's weight loss journey on his Facebook page.

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