We've all heard the phrase in life, two things are inevitable. Death and taxes. Someone should probably tell this guy that.

I don't think anybody has a smile on their face when they have to pay taxes. Especially when it comes to buying a vehicle. I guess one guy in Wichita Falls was going to try and fight the system. Maybe just trying to get a lower sales tax for a vehicle he recently bought? I'm not really sure what his plan was, but I think we can agree he went about it the wrong way.


This past Friday at the tax office in downtown Wichita Falls a man came in wanting to discuss the sales tax on his vehicle. Now the tax office downtown has reinstalled a divider between the customer and the person working in the office. This man allegedly stuck his hands in the slot where you hand things over and was trying to rip it off the wall. A worker then went to the county Tax Assessor and Collector Tommy Smyth's office to tell him what was going on.

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Tommy gave a very detailed summary of what went down to Times Record News. Mr Smyth said this is actually not the first time this guy has caused a disturbance at the tax office. He had another incident about 18 months ago. This time, he was shouting curse words at the workers and Mr Smyth told the man to leave.

The man allegedly said, 'I will f*** you up'. The man then tried to kick the door into the tax office. WCSO security staff members assigned to the annex escorted the man from the lobby without further incident. Apparently the guy tried to come back on Tuesday, but security recognized him before he could get into the building.

Just another strange case of what is going on in Wichita Falls today?

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