I got a notification earlier today that the WFPD had uploaded a new video. I get pretty excited whenever this happens. It could be a new 'Shoplifter Showcase' or another video of 'DWI Arrest' or any of the many other great videos they have recently produced.

This one's title definitely made me ready to watch! I had my whole seat available but I only needed the edge! This new video was called 'A look inside the 68th WFPD Police Academy.' You can watch it above.

Now, I'm no stranger to humor. I fondly grew up watching the 'Police Academy' movie series. I'd even venture to say that they are 1 of my top 10 movie franchises of the 80's. I also know that the Wichita Falls Police are known to have a sense of humor. We can see this in their musical selections for each month's 'Shoplifter Showcase.' This was bound to be an entertainment thrill-ride!

Well, I watched, and much to my chagrin, there was no funny antics from the cadets. There were no zany adventures of the force. There wasn't even the tiniest mention of Steve Guttenberg. There was lots of scenes of future police officers being put through a rigorous test of physical endurance, I'll admit to that. While the actual police work was kind of lacking from the 80's movies, the humor was definitely missing here.

The clip ends with telling us that the academy is 10 weeks in and the cadets still have another 15 weeks to go. While I'm not in any way trying to talk down their efforts so far, I think the WFPD video makers have a lot they can do for the sequel video. Here's some ideas.

1) We need more sound effects. Instead of just a song in the background like in this first video, how about some funny animal noises? Here's a few clips of Michael Winslow's character, Jones, from the first movies. He's my favorite part of the 'Police Academy' franchise!

2) We need some back stories. How can we know why these guys joined the academy? What makes this rough and tumble crew become people we are rooting for to complete their training and take out the bad guys? Think about Bobcat Goldthwait's character, Zed. We knew where he came from and we cared what became of him. Plus, he was hilarious!

3) We need a love story. What good is the movie without the lady for us to see our main character fall in love with? In the original 'Police Academy' movie, don't act like you weren't entertained by the sexual tension between Mahoney and Karen Thompson.

4) Finally, this one final tip may be the easiest to come by. You need to add Steve Guttenberg. What's he up to these days anyway? He can't be too busy. I just checked his Wikipedia page. He's just working on some SyFy channel show or something like that.  Give him a call. I bet he'd jump at the chance to be in your next video.

You can do this WFPD. Just like those future police offers in the academy are going to work their butts off for the next 15 weeks, your video people should be doing the same thing.

When that Wichita Falls Police Academy sequel comes out, I'm expecting something better than the original. Basically, think the exact opposite of how the actual 'Police Academy' franchise went (seriously Guttenberg, Police Academy 8?) and make your videos get more funny with each addition.

We believe in you!

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