Yeah it's a cold one out there today and the warning lasts until Tuesday.

I've noticed the Texans that usually talk about loving winter have shut up today. Yeah, this is what winter actually looks like Texas. Not the snow in the morning and then it's melted by 2 pm winter that most Texans are used to. I'll tell you one thing about the cold that I hate and it's the wind.

That wind chill can kick your butt on a day like today and I learned today that the National Weather Service has issued a wind chill warning for North Texas. They started issuing these warnings for severe windchill that could lead to hypothermia and frostbite. The wind chill warning for our area remains in effect til noon tomorrow.

Parts of Texas tomorrow could see wind chills as low as twenty five below zero. Which is insane to even think about here in Texas. We do have a chance of snow tomorrow night and Wednesday as well. It doesn't look like we will not be getting above freezing until Friday when our high is 37 degrees.

I'm taking a look at the ten day forecast for Texas and has us in the sixties for a high next Tuesday. So get past this week of miserable cold and we will get back to normal soon. If you're someone who is currently without power and are struggling to stay warm. Warming centers are open throughout Texoma, check out our full list of locations for more.

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