While most of Wichita Falls was celebrating National Hangover Day by watching the Cowboys game, starting a gym routine, or recovering from the night before, one Wichita Falls woman had a different idea.

On New Year's Day, 29-year-old Kay Martin decided to go to Wal-Mart on Lawrence Road. Unfortunately for her, a new year didn't negate the fact that she had been barred from the store in October of 2016. When store employees spotted her, they called the Wichita Falls Police Department.

When officers arrived, Martin resisted arrest, used a fake name, and broke free from the officers and tried to run away. The officers chased her out of the store where Martin then tried to hide under a vehicle. The vehicle drove away and ran over her leg. Police were able to detain her and also found her to be in possession of marijuana.

After receiving medical clearance, Martin was taken to jail. She admitted to using the fake name because she had a warrant out. She was booked and charged with possession of marijuana, criminal trespass, failure to ID (Fugitive), evading arrest, and a warrant for bond forfeiture-theft under $2500.

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