There's enough scary, bad news in the world on a daily basis so I thought I'd bring you something silly.

I give you, Jenna Marbles attempting to blow a giant soap bubble with her hair. To accomplish this amazing feat, Jenna and her friend destroyed a toy racket to use as a form to wrap her hair around and create the oversized bubble wand, they then dipped the whole contraption into a cookie pan filled with soap solution and Jenna did multiple sit-ups. If the bubbles produced weren't exactly spectacular, she did get one heck of an ab workout trying.

You can watch the entire build process or just fast forward to about the 7:30 mark where things really start happening. Be careful, there is a bit of adult language here and there in the video.

We hope you've enjoyed this moment or two of frivolity and we now return you to our currently topsy turvy world.


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