Believe me, it's October and I hate when people talk about Christmas too early. This story is too cool not to share.

First of all, let me clarify this story. This is the world's largest fresh cut Christmas tree. I guess some sort of fake tree is bigger somewhere else in the world. Honestly, if you put up a fake tree in your house for Christmas gross. My family would disown me if I EVER put up a fake tree in my house. It's real or NOTHING.

If you have a passion for real trees, you will want to head to Enid, Oklahoma. Soon to be home the world's largest fresh cut Christmas tree. They will have a one tree festival going on from November 26 through January 6th, so plenty of time to see this thing all lit up. However, the tree is expected to be in town this Thursday on October 14th. Can't light the Christmas tree before Halloween, that's just rude.

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I know what you may be thinking. Is this bigger than the tree in Rockefeller Plaza in New York. When we all think of big Christmas trees, we think of that one with the ice skating rink in the front of it. Yes, this tree will be almost twice as big as the one in New York City. The Rockefeller tree comes in at 77 feet tall. This tree in Enid, Oklahoma will be 140 feet tall.

The town plans to have concerts and events going on throughout the holiday season as the tree celebrates 42 days of celebration. If you want some more info, check it out here.

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