Sunday was my first day off after a really long week and I sat back to enjoy an awesome sports day.

If you're someone who hates sports, just stop reading here. It's nice to have basketball back, but we still have football season. So my focus was 100% on the Cowboys yesterday. I mean, they still have a shot at the playoffs. I know I can't believe it either, but if Washington keeps losing and Dallas keeps winning they're in.

Plus, it was a Eagles/Cowboys game. You always want to whoop up on Philly. The Cowboys didn't start out to good, giving up some big plays to the Eagles and going down 14-3. Come on now, this is the Dallas Cowboys we're talking about. They have to make us believe they're in every game. Dallas came back in the second and took the lead 20-17.

So at half I get on Twitter to see what everyone is talking about. All the people I follow for Dallas sports are not talking about the Cowboys, they're talking about the Mavericks. What is going on? I flip over to that game and it's a blowout, like not even close. In fact it was an NBA record.

The Mavericks 77-27 lead at halftime was the biggest halftime lead in NBA history. Here is what I think is insane. The final score was 124-73. If the Mavericks came out in the second half and didn't score a single point, they would have still won by four. That's crazy. Now back to the Cowboys.

They shut out Philly in the second half and scored another 17 points. Cowboys win and Washington lost. So the Cowboys live another week and we will see what happens on Sunday. It was a fun day of sports and I hope some more like this are in my future.

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