Those crazy YouTubers. They're always popping up in places you'd least expect them. Like the murky green water of the San Antonio River. A while back we told you about someone who snuck into the old Holiday Inn by the falls and shot video of his explorations. That was a totally illegal act, by the way. Now another YouTube explorer has been searching the bottom of the San Antonio River for treasures lost along the Riverwalk. This time he got permission first.

Well, sort of. Let's backtrack a bit. Back in October, a YouTuber with the Jiggin' With Jordan channel started looking for treasures along the bottom of the Riverwalk. He got stopped by police and was told that what he was doing was illegal. Since he was polite to the officers they let him go with a warning. He then went and got permission from the City of San Antonio and the Film San Antonio Committee to come back and dive. They did put some restrictions on his activities though. He had a limited time frame to dive and he needed to stay in parts of the Riverwalk that would not have riverboat activities at that time.

He published his finds in a pair of videos, the first of which went live last Sunday (06.20.21).

On the first video he pulls up a bunch of strange things including a Bird Scooter and a huge ... HUGE ... mass of sticks and Mardi Gras beads. (That must have been quite the party!)

As he explains, he actually had permission to come back and dive this time and his second video, released today (06.22.21), shows him chatting with the Superintendent of Riverwalk Operations so everyone is getting along and playing nicely together.

Jiggin' With Jordan via YouTube
Jiggin' With Jordan via YouTube

With all of the foot and boat traffic along the Riverwalk it's not surprising to find that a lot of small items get dropped into the water. In fact, the Riverwalk is regularly drained and cleaned of silt buildup and debris to keep it one of the most beautiful spots in the Lone Star State.

Fortunately for the videos, it had been a little while since these particular portions of the Riverwalk had been cleaned up.


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