Thank goodness this kid wasn't alive for the Vinny Testaverde years at quarterback. I would not want to see that letter.

If you're a Cowboys fan like myself, this season has left you very frustrated. I mainly just drink more and curse at my television. Rylan Wood of Mansfield, Texas decided he was going to write Jerry Jones a letter after the Cowboys most recent loss against the Titans. He did not get to stay up and watch the whole game since it was a school night.

When he got home from school on Tuesday, he did not get started on his homework. He got to work on his letter to Jerry Jones. The first part is Rylan telling Jerry Jones about how big of a fan his family is of the Cowboys. The second paragraph is not so friendly. It starts out with, 'You have made my Mom very upset because WE SUCK!' He goes onto say every game his mom yells at the TV and she can't even finish watching the games.

My absolute favorite line 'I hope Coach Garrett is clapping if this letter gets to you'. You know what Rylan, he probably is. He goes onto say that the cheerleaders are better than the team this year. He closes it out with 'I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings. Love, Rylan'.

Rylan, I think you speak for a lot of Cowboys nation. I'm not sure what is happening with the Boys. I hope Jerry addresses some of those concerns sooner, rather than later.

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